Anu – Cross of Fianna


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The history of the Fianna dates back to the early medieval times when bands of young men and women would roam the hills and fields of Ireland, many of whom were believed to be young aristocrats waiting to inherit their land. During the winter they would be housed and fed by nobility and in return they provided order and safety. Other stories describe the Fianna as a single standing army in service to the High King.

The three mottos of the Fianna are:

-Purity of our hearts

-Strength of our limbs

-Action to match our speech

Anu is Ireland’s Celtic Mother-Goddess. Marcasite is believed to have many attributes; among them are focus and clarity. Wear this piece to ward off negative energy and embrace the positive.


  • Sterling Silver
  • Marcasite – semi-precious stone consisting of pyrite
  • 2mm in Diameter
  • 18″ Spiga Chain
  • Made in Ireland by Anu Celtic Jewellery and hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle


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