Emerald Crystal 6″ Celtic Heart Flared Bowl


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Emerald Crystal 6″ Celtic Heart Flared Bowl

Emerald Crystal was established by a group of dedicated Master Craftsmen who have applied their skills in the crystal trade since their early apprentice days in Waterford, Ireland.

These collections are inspired by Waterford’s beautiful Copper Coast, where Emerald Crystal began making fine crystal. Each collection is symbolic of this breathtaking landscape and cherished traditions inherited from past generation.

A symbol of health and happiness for the Irish people scattered the world over. Deep intertwined swerves signify the varying fortunes that shape our lives with our loved ones. The heart, encompassed by the Celtic band, resonates with all people, for which love and romance are timeless.

Emerald Crystal is created, crafted and cut in Waterford, Ireland.

-6″ Diameter


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