The 2016 Irish Soda Bread Contest brought together family, friends and shoppers to taste 12 traditional Irish soda breads. Each bread had its own unique taste and texture and, of course, a family story, who made it and how the recipe was passed down through the generations. The table was set with Kerrygold butter, Follain Blackberry jam and Barry’s tea. The weather could not have been more perfect. Irish weather, a bit overcast with a wee bit of mist. Our judges, Tom Harvick and Jim Patterson, decked out in green, took their jobs very seriously, even Glenview’s finest firemen showed their support and placed their votes.


And the winners are:

First Place:Catherine Staunton

Second Place: Linda Quill

Third Place: Cathy Niemann


Congratulations to everyone who participated. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I am stuffed.